sloping blocks - why they are better than what you may think

It’s all about the view! Some of the most prestigious blocks in Perth are elevated, offering sweeping views of our beautiful city and natural landscapes – it’s one of our favourite aspects of the Perth Hills and always a stand-out selling feature.


Often clouded with the idea that prices will sky rocket, the case isn’t always so. If you engage a custom builder that’s experienced in the area and prepared to work with your block, they can be surprisingly competitive and comparable on price to a volume builder. It’s important to note here that there is a difference between the whole blocks slope and that of the building envelope so check this as it can make a huge impact on how manageable the build can be.

The need for split-level or multi-level designs can be a great opportunity for you to create a fantastically unique and superbly functional selection of living spaces to suite your family. When establishing yourself in the vibrant Hills community why settle for something ordinary when you can build something extraordinary?! Quite often on sloping sites we will see infinity edge pools, mezzanine levels or layered gardens that add unique features to your home’s design.

A sloping block can offer a variety of different pockets with varying attributes and elevation that can lead to different zones that create desired separation. For example, you could establish a shed or workspace at the bottom of the block or even a granny flat for visitors and extended family, whilst building the main home higher on the block to enjoy increased privacy from the road and elevated views. When positioned higher up on a block, you will most likely be able to incorporate efficient use of the sun and create light-filled spaces via large windows. An abundance of natural light and ventilation will also lend the property to be more suited to solar passive designs.

Given the general stigma attached to sloping blocks, some buyers tend to discount these properties which means you will be able to enjoy reduced competition and often a cheaper valued property.

Here in the Hills we enjoy a variety of sloping and flat established properties and vacant land to suite any aspirational resident.

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