midland suburb profile

Named after the Midland Railway Company who were contracted to build a line to Geraldton, the small township grew quickly and soon became the commercial and administrative hub of the area.


With a proud railway history, a resurgence of restoration and appreciation through the recent urban renewal project has seen historic structures become fantastic features. Similar to that which you would find in Freo, venture along the old railway tracks to see the revitalised Railway Workshops that have now been transformed into the WA Police Headquarters and new Medical Complex. While you’re here be sure to see the ‘Worker’s Wall’ where the names of former workers at the Midland Railway Workshops are etched into the bricks, as well as a memorial to those that died in WW1.

On the outskirts of the city, the bustling Midland CBD is a true metropolitan hub with Midland Gate Shopping Centre, the train line, St John of God Hospital and much much more to service the growing Eastern suburbs. The meeting point of numerous major arterial roads and highways, transportation is a breeze as it connects the city to major attractions and semi-rural hotspots in Swan Valley and the Perth Hills.

So much is on your doorstep with the plethora of shops, services and amenities on offer at the expanding Midland Gate shopping centre. Taking note of the Junction Art Centre across the road, Midland Gate adopts a rather modern approach with an appreciation of art which can be seen in the street art wrapped rooftop carpark. As huge fans of the Fringe Festival it will come as no surprise that we were elated with the Midlandia extension of the festival right into our very own backyard.

Midland is also where you will find our fantastically located office opposite San Churros, which explains why our admin girls will often be found with hot chocolate in hand come cold winter weather. Working from this office is our CHO Ross and Sales Representatives Guy, Cheryl, Tony and Vikas who make it a very happy place to be. All with a love of good food we will often get together in the lunch room and enjoy the delicious Thai takeaway from our favourite Bangkok Noi… Their coconut rice gets us every time!

Being quite a cultural melting pot that has transformed over the ages, you will find a vast array of housing styles and developments in Midland. From luxury townhouses by Coal Dam Park to multi-storey unit developments near the Railway Workshops, newly built homes or unit subdivisions to untouched historic homes and renovated cottages… There is something for everyone’s taste and budget here.

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