landlord services

Legislative Interpretation

The Residential Tenancies Act 1987 governs the property management industry.  We provide effective interpretation of the Act to legally manage the daily activities necessary to avoid litigation claims.


We prepare all property management documentation on your behalf, from Lease Agreements to Bond Disposals and everything in between.

Property Condition Report

At the beginning of the Management, we construct a comprehensive and detailed Property Condition Report for your peace of mind.

Tenant Selection

From arranging advertising to interviewing applicants and reference checking, we will do everything possible to ensure the best tenant is chosen for your property.

Fund Collection

We will receive rents, hold security and pet bonds, and attend to the prompt banking of your Owner funds.  We have strict terms for rent arrears and send Breaches and Terminations as a matter of course if rents fall behind.

Outgoing Payments

We can pay any or all of the outgoings associated with your property, from council rates and taxes to water rates, insurance premiums and on-going maintenance.

Monthly statements

We provide a monthly statement of incomings and outgoings and submit the balance to your nominated bank account at the end of each month.


We will conduct quarterly inspections of your property and provide you with a report outlining our findings.  At the end of each tenancy, we conduct a Bond Inspection to ensure your property is left in the state expected.

Arranging repairs & maintenance

We will ensure that your asset is well maintained by attending to any repair and maintenance issues that may arise over the course of our management contract.

Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals

At the expiration of each Lease, we can arrange for a renewal to be put in place, and will conduct a rent review to ensure your asset is achieving the best possible rental return.