jane brook suburb profile

Named after the watercourse and reserveit surrounds, there is an excess of nature linking to the adjoining John Forrest National Park. Always pristine, the proactive shire maintains clean landscaping for your enjoyment – offeringa standout lifestyle feature for families and people that have a general love of the outdoors. This is the very reason for which Jane Brook tends to attract nature lovers that like to sit and listen to the birds or watch the ducklings waddle by, active individuals who enjoy walking along the numerous trails and pathways, and energy-filled families that you can hear giggling as they race around the brook or jump on the playground. If you’re out walking in the early morning, you will almost always pass our smiley Sales Representative Guy King and his energetic dog Wolfy.

A quiet suburb on the outskirts of suburbia, Jane Brook is conveniently nestled between the semi-rural hillside and bustling Midland CBD precinct. Close to major arterial roads, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the benefits of a Perth Hills atmosphere and the ease of effortless transport. With a low crime rate and great community spirit, it is a friendly, safe and welcoming neighbourhood that’s ideal for raising kids. Swan Christian College is nearby as well as multiple public schools and sporting/recreation facilities.

The quiet middle class suburb of Jane Brook provides an ideal environment for families to reside amongst a peaceful and spacious setting. Offering decent size blocks, you will generally find a selection of family size homes with backyards and sheds. As if that wasn’t enough, they are pocketed amongst small parks and the reserve for nature views. Making its way up the hillside, the elevated pockets of Jane Brook and John Forrest National Park boast 180 degree views of the Swan Valley and Perth City skyline.

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