how living in the perth hills will make you happy & healthy

You only need to travel forty minutes outside of Perth’s CBD to be immersed in the picturesque Perth Hills. Initially established with a range of farms and vacation cottages, over time the Hills have grown to be a bustling eastern hub of the metropolitan. A collection of old meets new, the suburbs are an appealing fusion of architecture and design where many locals enjoy unparalleled outlooks of the rolling rural landscapes, sweeping treetops or panoramic views of the city skyline.

We are all familiar with the feeling of relaxation experienced when we venture for a day-trip through the Hills or a tranquil holiday, however it turns out that there is more to it. As our brains are overwhelmed with stimuli every day, often processing thousands upon thousands of auditory and visual inputs, a growing body of research indicates that our minds are able to rest when this cognitive load is reduced. Furthermore, the provision and access to green space has been reported to positively affect mental health and well-being by relieving stress, anxiety and depression, as well as promoting heightened brain function.

In addition, living in the Hills inspires an active lifestyle with many residents enjoying the hiking trails, riverside walks, rides along the Heritage Bridle Trail plus horse riding, running and cycling. During the warmer months, families can be seen flocking to the popular Lake Leschenaultia for swimming lessons or a canoe before gathering around the BBQ and picnic area. The vibrant and welcoming Hills community encourages physical activity even more as you often find residents connecting as they walk the kids to school, meander down to the local shops for a coffee and the paper on weekends or explore the endless walk trails and green spaces. Community groups ranging from horse riding to team sports and scouts are an essential part of family leisure time in the Hills that has been shown to bring substantial health benefits to people of all ages through increased physical activity.

Not only do the pockets of trees and native greenery provide great aesthetic pleasure, they also deliver health benefits by soaking up air pollution, cooling the temperature and providing a positive array of colours, textures, scents and birdsong which are in turn linked to feelings of happiness.

Overall, the Hills deliver semi-rural living at its finest as they combine the countless health benefits of living in vibrant green pockets with a convenient commute to the Perth City. For Hills residents, these health benefits are enjoyed all year round, why not join us?

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